Content & Culture sell Condoms! An unexpected “no-budget” case

The Berlin based einhorn condoms breaks all the conventional marketing rules on planning, measurement and governance. However, their growth has been spectacular since they were founded only a few years ago. This is mainly due to the solid base of their strong core values, the accompanying culture for content and their resilient passion to have a large social impact. Marketing Unicorn Markus leads the marketing team but in essence the whole company is contributing to their successful content marketing strategy by making magazines, TV shows, podcasts, blogs, etc. Find out how this Vegan Condom company’s “no-budget” approach to content marketing became so successful.

Take Aways?

There will be secret instructions on how to do extraordinary marketing without any budget and I will tell everyone how to become a millionaire in the end! Maybe… Oh, and a lot of penises and vaginas as well…

Locatie: Datum: 12 april 2018 Tijd: 15:25 - 15:50 Markus Wörner